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February 26, 2019

Like Minded Females Network


Like Minded Females

“How to Self Promote and Brand in the Creative Industry”

November 2018 Radiant Empress showcased their Safari jacket at a Like Minded Female's panel event in London. Like Minded Females is an inclusive community founded May 18 by cofounders and diversity advocates Sonya Barlow and Jui Joshi. The community was formed to create affordable and informal initiatives where females (and males) could connect, share knowledge, learn, empower and celebrate. Since launching in May 18, Like Minded Females has hosted more than 14 events, engaged with over 3000 people, recognised for 2 national awards and been on the BBC radio London.


The event “How to Self Promote and Brand in the Creative Industry” taught attendees the importance of being bold, being proud and branding yourself through the right channels. During the event, we were fortunate enough to meet some real game changers; Gina Martin, Robyn Richford, Amie Snow, Pip Jolley and Ellie Kime. Hosted by Sonya Barlow of Like Minded Females, the panel honestly discussed what it means to be a social media influencer, the creative space for females, how men can be powerful sponsors and which staying mentally aware in an 'always on' time

"The key learnings were simple : be honest, authentic, and mindful."

Honesty is key – Self promotion and branding is given the world the complete version of yourself. In the creative industry, 87% of creatives feel imposter syndrome; a feeling which makes you believe that you are a fraud and creates self doubt, despite being able to produce, create and recognise. Be honest with yourself, your capability and your persona – take jobs, roles and collaborations which work towards your values, emphasise your focus and allow you to keep true.

Authenticity – Defined as “keeping to ones self beliefs; genuine with a human touch.”. In an industry which is ever change, fast and always evolving, it's important to remember to stay true to yourself and approach every other person, online or offline, as they're human and want real interaction. Too often we forget that as most of our self promotion is now done online through channels such as Instagram, The Dots, Twitter or LinkedIn; that the person on the other side reading, listening or capturing is human. Another important point that many panellist made was that it's important to engage and communicate – take 30 mins a day to reply to your messages, your followers and your emails.

Mindful – Mental health effects ¼ of us, especially those who are constantly branding or self promoting, as it' brings forward mental, physical and emotional strains. Look within and listen to your body, if it's too much, pause, stop and rest up. In an industry which is so busy, and even so in a city like London, it's wise and important to take some time off and breath. Suggestions included turning off your phone for 1 hour daily, focusing on 15 mins of daily self care or 30 mins of daily meditation.



The last thing which every panellist mentioned and re-designated with many attendees : Use your community. A community is a group of people who share similar thoughts, beliefs or views. Your community can and is your largest resource; they are a group of people who support, encourage and celebrate. Find your community, share your learnings and let them lift you up. Basically what Like Minded Females have set up to do.



We are honoured and humbled to have been included in such an inspiring, empowering and honest event – Like Minded Females are a part of our community; our ethos and values align. And together, we want to make females bright, bold and beautiful.

Look out for our future collaborations and follow their social media channels on

LinkedIn: like-minded-females

Instagram: @lmf_network


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